Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Truth About Unlimited Internet - Century Link Horror Story

I planned on writing MANY posts since my prior post. I had things to say, stories to tell, quips to quip. I live in a decent enough house, I work hard, I pay my bills. I also have "Unlimited" internet and my service provider is Century Link.

Now let me ask you when the word "unlimited" is used what comes to mind? Endless? Infinite? Never ending? Something without limits? I know that's what I think when I think of the word "unlimited".

Now when you couple the word "unlimited" with "internet" you basically take all the above mentioned thoughts then apply them to's not rocket science.

And yet somewhere in the convoluted equation of "unlimited" + "internet" Century link managed to come up with the answer of 250GB. ...I'm no rocket scientist nor do I claim to hold any type of advanced degree but as far as I can rememver ANYTHING + "unlimited" = UNLIMITED...

How they arrived at 250GB is beyond me...

I understand I was pushing 700GB for one month; however my internet consumption is not on trial here.

What killed me was my family was told that we needed to open up a "business" account. Unless they consider kicking ass and taking names a "business" we were strictly having fun with our internetz.

In a nutshell here are how the events unfolded.

Day 1: Informed we were using a "shyt ton" of internet (it's a technical term) and we now had 30 days to either open a business account or they would cancel our internet. Not quite the "unlimited" I was promised but whatever
Day 7: Internet gets shut off. ??? I guess I should have seen this coming. I mean they got INFINITY+INTERNET=250GB. 30 days = 7 days should not have shocked me.
Day 8: After 2 hours and 2 different countries worth of "tech support" I'm told the events from day 7 were never supposed to have happened and I'm assured my internet will be on first thing tomorrow morning.
Day 9 am: Internet still off.
Day 9 pm: Repeat Day 8. Same promise
Day 10 am: Internet still off
Day 10 pm: Repeat Day 8 only now i'm being an ass on the phone.
Day No internet.
Day 11 pm: What's funny is that after spending yet another 2 hours bouncing around the globe I'm told that the EARLIEST my internet would be back on would be a week from Day 11. ??? WTF happened to "tomorrow morning"?

Needless to say I told century link to go F themselves.

Long story short I'm with Cox and more importantly I'm back online. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

League of Legends User Breakdown

While out there searching for user information on league of legends I stumbled upon this little graphic

I've been playing League of Legends now for roughly 2 years and in all that time I've only played 27 ranked games. Tons of non ranked (which is why i'm still bronze) but i though this graphic very interesting roughly 3/4 of all players who have played a ranked game are in what is commonly referred to as ELO HELL.

This is where noobs live, current company included. Now i'm not a noob...per say, i'm also not in Diamond, and statistically speaking if you're reading this and you play LOL then there's a pretty damn good chance you're in one of the bronze divisions as well.

What does this mean? Does it mean you suck? No, but here's the trouble I ran into and the following theory is based on an even grander theory.

let me walk you through the above theory.
Take a normal person add anonymity the provide that now normal anonymous person with an audience and VOILA!!! You have a fukwad. A troll. A bastard, A noob.

Now, take that same concept and apply it to league of legends and you end up with an ADC Karth or Teemo jungle.

As it turns out these troll ass bastards hoover around the "bronze" area because quite frankly there's no where else for them to go except play no ranked games. The problem with that is they'd lose out on the attention they get in ranked games. Seeing as how their mommy is already neglecting them and the only source of attention they get comes from people wishing death upon them in ranked games for dicking around and you can almost guarantee you'll get one of these morons often enough.

The good news is math is on your side believe it or not. Watch this.
Now in a 5v5 have a minimum 10 players.
If 1 in every 10 players is a troll that means there is 1 troll in  every game.
That means each players has a 10% chance of being the troll.

We can assume you're not the troll. Which means there are only 9 possibilities of there being a troll in the game. Which means each of the remaining 9 players has an 11.1 percent chance of being the troll

As you have 4 people on your team 4x11.1=45.6% chance that the troll is on your team
The other side has 5 possible trolls meaning 5x11.1 = 55.5% chance.

So there's your silver lining. Furthermore if you're reading this then you've stumbled on a place where you can learn NOT to be a troll. :)

Check back for more LOL posts, things will start picking up again.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Warrior Leveling Mists of Pandaria

This last week has been nuts but I finally hit 90, play time was limited but leveling my warrior was fun. The change to specs and the ability to change on the fly was very nice. PVP with shockwave, pvp with dragon, pvp with bladestorm, overall the experience was rewarding. I of course used Zygor, made it a piece of cake. I leveling in Mists of Pandaria without it on my warlock and it sucked. I recommend using it vs not.

As for what spec to best level in for warriors I found arms the most rewarding and the quickest. I know a lot of people love fury and while i liked the feel it's just not the same. The great news is arms warriors aren't far behind warriors on dps meters even at end game raiding, so really warriors are in a great place, level with whatever spec is most fun for you.

Prot while slow is definitely viable, you don't take much damage and you don't deal much damage but over time you widdle down enemies so no big deal, it'll just be slower.

PVP all specs are viable as well, though arms is great for burst, fury falls a little behind, prot makes you a god that requires 4+ people to kill.

ON the pvp note, seriously wtf is going on with horde. AV is a complete joke, certain maps it's like WTF is going on. I'll touch more on this later this week.

Monday, November 26, 2012

MOP Arms 5.0.5 Arms PVE Rotation

So here’s the generally accepted Arms Warrior PVE Rotation, again we’re working off of a more priority based rotation than anything else.

Single Target Arms Warrior Rotation

CS; MS Execute; OP ; HS (with 1 or more stacks of Taste for Blood); SlamHS (at 60+ rage)

So your rotation should generally look like this.
1. - To apply debuff
    - - Will reset your CS cooldown. The trick is to NOT clip your CS buff (6 seconds) so if you have to wait a few seconds for the CS debuff to fall drop from the target do so, THEN use CS again.
2. - This will apply
3. Execute - ONLY if the target is below 20%. (Execute also becomes your filler when available instead of slam or HS)
3. - 30% chance to proc
4a. IF Taste For Blood has at least 2 stack, then HS is your filler. Once you us HS it uses your stacks so you can only use it once and then need to rebuild your stacks.
4b IF NOT, then Slam is your filler.

Your tier 4 talent of choices is best used when off of CD during open spots in your rotation.

Multiple Target Arms Warrior Rotation

When Fighting Two Mobs:
Keep Sweeping Strikes up and run a normal single target rotation. Make sure to hit each target with MS to keep up

Three or More Mobs:
1. Start by applying deep wounds via thunder clap.
2. Keep Sweeping Strikes up.
3. Replace HS with Cleave
4. Other than that it's normal rotation the only difference is use whirlwind when available.

Cooldown Usage

Recklessness is still whoopass in a bag, use it as often as possible. Best used during execute phase but if the fight allows use it to open up and then to finish off. If the fight doesn't allow save it for the execute phase

Skull Banner is a nice raid/party wide buff, with a 3 minute CD it can be used more than once in most cases, again make sure it's available during execute phase.

Shattering Throw is a lot like recklessness, If you can fit it in twice do so, if not save it for execute phase. Use shattering throw first of all your CD's during execute phase.

Deadly Calm is an ability you should be using when available. It needs to be on constant cooldown.

Colossus Smash In Depth

CS has it's own little special section because you can really jack your dps and rotation up if done incorrectly.
Here's the skinny. CS has a cooldown of 20 seconds, it provides you with a debuff on your target that lasts 6 seconds. So there's 14 seconds of time when you don't have the CS debuff on your target.

The powers that be provided Sudden Death to arms warriors to make raid bosses cry.

Because of sudden death we can now have a much larger uptime of our CS debuff. This is why it is so important that you do not clip your debuff.

For example. .
You hit a mob with CS, for six seconds the debuff is on, let's say immediately after you use CS, sudden death procs you still have 4 seconds left on the debuff, you should WAIT to use CS untill the buff falls off. It's that simple...and yet so very important.