Thursday, May 7, 2009

3.2 Warrior Macro & ARMS PVP

You can find these and many more macros in our new forum:

Some useful Macros/key bindings for a PVP Arms warrior.

To cast Pummel(while in battle stance)
/cast Berserker Stance
/cast Pummel

To cast spell reflect (you have to SPAM the hell out of this to get it off before a spell hits. Works well on mirror mages)
/equip [One Hand Weapon Name] (you have to do this or you are not able to equip the shield if have a 2 hander)
/equip [Shield Name]
/Cast Spell reflect
* make sure to keep the shield on till you reflect the spell or till the buff goes away. I’ve placed my weapon in one of my action bar slots so I just click it to re-equip my two hander (BE SURE TO DO THIS. Nothing sucks more than losing an arena, only to find yourself in Org with a shield on your back realizing you’d been fighting 1/2 a match with a sword and board.

To Cast Bladestorm while in berserker stance for +crit
/Cast Berserker Stance
/Cast Bladestorm

Execute CRIT FTW
/Cast Berserker Stance
/Cast Recklessness
/Cast Execute
* You can also cast this to pop recklessness because if execute isn’t up you’ll still end up with recklessness. I like to use this once I’m at the 20% mark in PVE situations. PVP it’s a little less potent only because you’re generally dealing with a healer and the 20% mark goes away fast. It’s still ok to use if you’re instant Execute procs, but chances are you’re going to get off 1 execute and the other 2 crits will go towards an MS or Rend or something.

Charge hamstring
/Cast Charge
/Cast Hamstring

Intercept hamstring(to be placed in your Battle Stance ActionBar)
/Cast Berserker Stance
/Cast Intercept
/Cast hamstring
/Cast Battle stance

Charge hamstring (to be placed in your Berserker Stance Action bar)
/Cast Battle Stance
/Cast Charge
/Cast Hamstring

The last two macro’s are great stance dancers and instant gap closers. Be mindful of rage when switching to use Intercept because if you don’t have the rage you’ll basically burn whatever rage you find you had during the dance swap. You can put a “/Cast Bloodrage” in there if you’d like I just don’t’ find it necessary, but what these macro’s allow you to do is basically zip around the battlefield. With charge being on 15 second CD you can basically have a distance closer available every time you need it with just the rapid spamming of one button.

I find that having the MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON key bound to the action bar position where you place these two macros is a great tool. So for instance when you start a battle if you bind your middle mouse button to the second to the last action bar spot you simply have to spam your middle mouse button regardless of what stance you’re in to get from where you are to where your target is.(to expound on this further....when you switch stances your action bar changes, so if you put the first macro in your battle stance action bar you'll switch to berserker, once you're in berserker if the second macro is in your berserker action bar you'll switch to battle and charge...sorta like a 1 button macro but via key binding.)

Other key bindings I’ve found useful:
Execute = Caps Lock
* Place execute in LAST spot of Actionbar on Battle and Berserker stances and have Caps Lock keybound. Careful when typing as you can often find yourself YELLING THINGS TO PEOPLE YOU DIDN’T INTEND. (which is why I always preface instances and raids with, “execute Capslocks bound, I’m NOT REALLY YELLING”

MS Action bar slot #1 for quick strike
Overpower #2 this is really nice for PVE because you can generally click #1, #2, and CAPS and an occasional rend (#3) and never have to really do much of anything else. I’m going to do some tests on a dummy tonight to test my theory that a regular rotation>DPS than a 6 second bladestorm. I’ll post screenshots of recount.
Adding a 2 new Macros:
I call this the "oh shit Macro"
This is the macro I use when I realize my healer is either DEAD or is now a sheep and I’m eating spells like they’re Krispy Cream donuts.

/Cast Defensive Stance
/Equip [1 hand weapon Name]
/Equip [Shield Name here]
/Cast Shield Wall
/Cast Enraged Regeneration
/Cast Spell Reflect

So like the sequence hints at, you want to use this when you realize that if you don’t you’re dead in the next 5-10 seconds. It equips a sword and board, casts shield wall to reduce the damage you take and if available Enraged Regeneration to help with the healing and then Spell Reflect to turn some of the other guys PEW PEW against them. This macro works in PVE as well. You can swap Spell Reflect and Enraged Regen to your style, but basically just go spam happy with this and it should help save your life...or extend it a few more seconds.

Here’s a macro that was developed in light of mages and the following scenario.
I charge, mage ices me, mage blinks, mages starts to cast a spell at me, I SPAM THIS MACRO FAST

/Cast Berserker Stance
/Cast Bloodrage
/Cast Intercept


#showtooltip intervene

/cast defensive stance
/cast [target=Partner] Intervene
intervenes to your partner, great for getting out of movment imparing effects or for helping to peal that rogue off your healer. Change "partner" to your arena teamates name.


/cast [mod:shift,form:1/2,@focus]charge;[mod:shift,form:3,@focus]intercept;[form:2,help]intervene;[form:3]intercept;charge
/startattack [harm]
(care of wowwikki)

Basically what this will do is allow you to charge while in battle or defensive (if target is foe, intervene if target is friend), intercept if in berserker. IF you press shift while using this then it will switch the target to your focus, this is great for ARENA where you have the healer focused you can interupt. I've recently replaced my previous "one button" mobility keybinding+macro simply because this allows for a focused target attack.

I find that this is a right off the bat type of macro and about 98% of the time as soon as I charge a mage I get ready to hit this macro because I know what their gameplan is. This is a great tool because once you get to them they are in deep trouble for the next 15 seconds till their blink comes up again. Make sure you have them well hamstrung and near the 10 second mark you need to start in with bladestorm. Reason being is that once blink comes up the first thing they are going to do is ice you in place and try to blink away. The reason you want to bladestorm BEFORE they can do this is so that they try to do it and blow the blink getting away from your bladestorm. You do it early enough because you can use it to do some damage on them but it’s more of a defensive move. Once they blink your charge should be off of its cooldown so charge the mage again. Now he’s stuck with you at his side for another 12-14 seconds with nothing to do but eat your axe/mace/spear/sword. Hopefully you’ve been keeping MS up on him and you’ve done enough damage to where he’s either dead or near it. Finish him off and move on to the next target.

These are a few “ghettofied” Macro’s I use. I don’t know if there are faster versions out there, but as a good starter set these should do.
If you have any other Macros send them my way. or simply add them in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Thanks man.
These macros are gonna be a huge help!

Anonymous said...

Good post, you can cast spell reflect in battle stance :)

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

You sir are correct. I'm updating this post as soon as I post this response:)

Additionally if ANYONE has any other Macros they find handy please let me know so we can get them all up here.

Anonymous said...

Great macros.
Frost mages still beat me though. :/
They normally don't use frost nova and blink at the same time, so I have to waste both my charge and intercept on those, and then they have shattered barrier and pet nova. Don't see how I can do it.

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

I couldn't agree more. Frost mages have the easiest tiem kiting me around. Basically any mage worth his weight in mana potions is going to kit you around, your best chance to is to hit them and hit them hard.

I would say the best thing I've been able to do so far was to charge, anticipate the frost nova and trinket to get out of it then when they blink, I intercept and IMMEDIATELY hit blade storm so they can't freeze you in place again.

Depending you might be able to dish out enough damage to kill the mage. If not as soon as you come out of your bladestorm you need to consider switching to your sword and board via the macro above for a spell reflect. If the mage is not dead at this point start to think about getting something between you and the mages LOS.

If you're out in the open you can start to think about what you're going to think about while you walk back from teh graveyard :(

Anonymous said...

Can you help me create a macro for Battle stance that will equipt your 1 h and shield and shield bash to cancel their casting then immediately switch back to your 2H automatically? I find that combo is really useful right after a charge to quickly stop their 2nd cast. Thanks!

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

I believe that will looks something like this:
/Equip [name of one hand weapon]
/Equip [Name of shield]
/Cast Shield Bash

I can’t recall if you have to be in defensive stance to cast shield bash and I’m at work right now, but if you DO need to be in def stance it’ll look like this
/Equip [name of one hand weapon]
/Equip [Name of shield]
/Cast Defensive Stance
/Cast Shield Bash

Now the thing you have to remember is that you have to spam this button and the Automatically re-equip the 1 hander can cause problems, at least it has for me because of the timing in WOW. So I’ve found it easier to have a keybound buttong (“f”) for me that runs this macro
/Equip [The Jawbone]

As soon as I ‘m doing using my shield I hit f, and I’m off to the races.

You might also consider the pummel macro as well because it does the same thing, minus the need to equip a shield.
/Cast Berserker stance
/cast pummel

I hope that helps

Anonymous said...

I personally use the mouse for stances. Scroll out for:
#showtooltip Defensive Stance
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Spell Reflection

The spell reflection is added on for a quick reflection if you need it, but you have to scroll a second time or just for a long time to get it.

Middle mouse is Battle Stance.

Scrolling up is Berserker. I have
#showtooltip Berserker Stance
/cast Berserker Stance
/equip 2HANDER

I have the equip two hander so I never have to click my bags for my weapons, and I dont have to key bind the weapons either. If I am in defensive and need a quick intercept, I just scroll up and weapons change back for me. If I need to go back, weapons change back again!

Have fun PVPing!

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

I like the idea of scrolling to use macros like this...i will definately be trying that here real soon.

Oh you do not have to be in defensive stance to spell reflect, just need to put the shield on I thought.

Anonymous said...

umm.. no focus macros?

Anonymous said...

sorry but the pummel macro doesnt work. all it does is change stance.

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

now are you hitting the button twice?

Aqusboom said...

I don't think many of these will work due to recent changes in macros. Have a look at :

From the above site:

In general, you cannot cast more than one spell with a single click of a macro. Most spells and some items trigger the global cooldown (GCD) which keeps you from taking too many actions at once. Even if a spell fails to cast, if it would trigger the GCD, it prevents subsequent /casts in the macro from running. This was not the case prior to patch 2.0 which is why you may still come across macros like the following:
/cast Overpower
/cast Execute
/cast Mortal Strike
/cast Sunder Armor
Macros like this do not work anymore. As soon as Overpower fails to cast, the game will block all the other spells from casting as well, even though the GCD is not actually triggered.

Blackthought / Deathwing said...

The thing you have to take note is there are no more Single button macros. ALL of these macros require a degree of "spamming" of a single button. The idea is not to have a one stop button macro that does all the dirty work for you, but to help in reducing bar space. So rather than having to click button 1, button 2, button 3 you simply hit button 1,three times...

As for the "fail" problem. You are also correct. If a spell fails the macro dies, for this reason you don't see an "overpower" macro listed here.

So again let me reiterate the point that these are NOT single button macros, they are SPAM THE HELL OUT THE BUTTON like your life depended on it macros...because often times it does.

FYI The idea of binding certain spells to the scrollup scroll down button is OMG amazing.

Spell reflect and shield wall work much quicker now... caution though place a ctrl or "shift" modifier before it or run the risk of accidently macroing.

Anonymous said...

killing mages is easy of warrior arms.

Start of berseker stance, intercept(mage will ice you and blink), so use spell reflection cause frostbolt,if mages is noob of course( using trinket to early is a stupid thing).


funkyfreshhh said...

First off start on berserker stance,intercept,pummel,switch to battle stance and rend,u gotta get the rend off most importantly,he freeze u and blinks,trinket ,charge and hamstring then bladestorm.he ice blocks u will already be in arms stance to shatter throw him .try to get another rend off and basically it's over

Sabio Cor de Rosa said...

u can also make a macro to stop ur bladestorm and to return to battle stance if u used the berserker stance-bladestorm macro. the macro is:

/cancelaura bladestorm
/cast battle stance
/equip (name of 2 handed weapon)

this will adicionaly allow u to switch to your 2 hand and to battlestance after a quick spell reflect

Anonymous said...

im looking to make macro just for shits and giggles to where i just scroll down and it does a certain rotation, but being fury if i dont have an enrage effect up i cant use "raging blow" so i wanted to know if there was a way to make a macro to where i just spam it and if im not enraged it skips past the ability on to the next one in line.

Blackthought said...

Unfortunately there isn’t BUT if you want to take the lazy man’s approach to it you can bind BT to #1, RB to #2 and CS to #3 and then just stand and 1.2.3, 1,2,3, 1,2,3, 1,2,3

Sometimes when I hit a lag spike I do this and while I do lose out on some DPS, it beats not swinging at all.

Anonymous said...

cant i make something like so...

/cast Intercept
/castsquence reset=5 [Enrage] Bloodthirst, Cleave, Whirlwind, Raging Blow, Slam, Slam
/castsequence reset=5 [no Enrage] Bloodthirst, Cleave, Whirlwind, Slam, Slam, Cleave