Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kilnara Tank Guide: How to Tank Kilnara in Zul Aman

Recent tanking questions have been asked about the Panther Boss in Zul Aman. Kilnara is her name and she's actually pretty easy when done right.

When you first enter her door you'll see there are four groups of panthers in pens on the outside of the room. The trick to tanking Kilnara is to know that at 50% she will call all groups of panther to chew on your ass. Armed with this knowledge the most efficient strategy for killing her is to attacker her first, but ONLY the tank should attack. Attacker her for a total of about 10 seconds or so and then move on to the first group of panthers.

Phase 1
  • Kilnara cast Shadow Bolt through all of phase one. Interrupt this as much as possible.
  • Kilnara will periodically cast Lash of Anguish and Tears of Blood interrupt Tears.
  • Wave of Agony is a very noticeable spell, she starts channeling a HUGE wall in front of her. It's pretty noticeable so just step through it and get to her back side, otherwise you get hit and shoved way back and take an ass ton of damage.
  • Wail of Sorrow which cannot be avoided. Simply heal through it.
During phase 1 what you want to do is take on each group of panthers one at a time.
After the first pull you'll hit Kilnara till you get agro after you get agro pull one group, kill the group of panthers, then move on to the next group. It's important to make sure your dps doesn't attack the boss, it makes it easier to keep agro on Kilnara.

Phase 2 - Starts when Kilnara gets to 50% health
Once you have all the panthers down it's important to burn Kilnara fast. As soon as she turns into her panther form it's important to use demo shout and tclap to help mitigate damage. I'll usually reserve my CD's for this phase as a crappy healer can sometimes blow the deal here.

  • Primal Blessing, transforms Kilnara into a panther. She'll start to stack Rage of the Ancients, periodically Cave In, will happen and hit everyone. Any panthers you haven't killed by now will intervene in the fight.
  • Kilnara will also use Ravage, dealing damage to a single target and Vengeful Smash, dealing AoE damage.
  • At around 15%, she will briefly go into Camouflage to irritate your party, and then reappear.

 In general the hardest part of this fight is not pulling all the panthers at once.

Video to post soon.


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a video would be very nice i cant wait

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Anonymous said...

well we have a new patch...new changes do you like them? Changes to other races, how will that effect out pvp chances, it seems a lot of classes got new and inmproved ways to kite us???
And lastly making a panada war is the same as making a blood elf war...Not cool.