Monday, September 19, 2011

Zul Aman: Daakara Lynx Form Guide

I get a lot of questions on the Daakara lynx form and how best to handle it. I've never really had a problem with it but thought it would be good testing ground for some "video" testing and such. Nomorenoob will debut with their first you tube video. Still working on that whole "sound" thing. I could put some music in there but figured I'd keep it simple.

I've been hitting up the alts pretty heavily lately, but have managed to get all but one of my reckless set. As I can tell most people want some pve tanking info I put this guide up. It's getting easier, that's the good news.

Send your questions to me and I'll be sure to get more stuff out as I figure more things out. - link to our channel - Link to Daakara Lynx form video

You can see the guide on our youtube channel I will also embed it here for your review.


Anonymous said...

Dear warrior tanks

I was told by a warrior tank that shockwave does not pull threat and a waste of rage. This does not make sense to me and I was wondering why a warrior tank wouldnt want to use an aoe stun.

Confused healer

Blackthought said...

Yeah that tank is a moron. I'll even give him the threat thing, though I doubt it to be true, but let's just pretend it is for a second. An AoE Stun means you have THAT much more time while they are stunned to pick up agro. So if you charge 5 mobs, hit 2 off the bat then shockwave to stun them all you now have a few more seconds of time to tag the extra mobs and get back to your focus before the enemy has a chance to move.

Kill your tank.

Anonymous said...

can you please go over the panther boss. I understand the basic idea but I just keep getting my ass chewed up each timeI try it.
Any little tricks that you found help you please share.

Blackthought said...

Tell you what i'll put up another post and later today I'll run Kilnara and post a video about it. For now though the post