Monday, November 26, 2012

MOP Arms 5.0.5 Arms PVE Rotation

So here’s the generally accepted Arms Warrior PVE Rotation, again we’re working off of a more priority based rotation than anything else.

Single Target Arms Warrior Rotation

CS; MS Execute; OP ; HS (with 1 or more stacks of Taste for Blood); SlamHS (at 60+ rage)

So your rotation should generally look like this.
1. - To apply debuff
    - - Will reset your CS cooldown. The trick is to NOT clip your CS buff (6 seconds) so if you have to wait a few seconds for the CS debuff to fall drop from the target do so, THEN use CS again.
2. - This will apply
3. Execute - ONLY if the target is below 20%. (Execute also becomes your filler when available instead of slam or HS)
3. - 30% chance to proc
4a. IF Taste For Blood has at least 2 stack, then HS is your filler. Once you us HS it uses your stacks so you can only use it once and then need to rebuild your stacks.
4b IF NOT, then Slam is your filler.

Your tier 4 talent of choices is best used when off of CD during open spots in your rotation.

Multiple Target Arms Warrior Rotation

When Fighting Two Mobs:
Keep Sweeping Strikes up and run a normal single target rotation. Make sure to hit each target with MS to keep up

Three or More Mobs:
1. Start by applying deep wounds via thunder clap.
2. Keep Sweeping Strikes up.
3. Replace HS with Cleave
4. Other than that it's normal rotation the only difference is use whirlwind when available.

Cooldown Usage

Recklessness is still whoopass in a bag, use it as often as possible. Best used during execute phase but if the fight allows use it to open up and then to finish off. If the fight doesn't allow save it for the execute phase

Skull Banner is a nice raid/party wide buff, with a 3 minute CD it can be used more than once in most cases, again make sure it's available during execute phase.

Shattering Throw is a lot like recklessness, If you can fit it in twice do so, if not save it for execute phase. Use shattering throw first of all your CD's during execute phase.

Deadly Calm is an ability you should be using when available. It needs to be on constant cooldown.

Colossus Smash In Depth

CS has it's own little special section because you can really jack your dps and rotation up if done incorrectly.
Here's the skinny. CS has a cooldown of 20 seconds, it provides you with a debuff on your target that lasts 6 seconds. So there's 14 seconds of time when you don't have the CS debuff on your target.

The powers that be provided Sudden Death to arms warriors to make raid bosses cry.

Because of sudden death we can now have a much larger uptime of our CS debuff. This is why it is so important that you do not clip your debuff.

For example. .
You hit a mob with CS, for six seconds the debuff is on, let's say immediately after you use CS, sudden death procs you still have 4 seconds left on the debuff, you should WAIT to use CS untill the buff falls off. It's that simple...and yet so very important.

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a question from a PVE noob, is there stance dancing in MoP or are those days over??