Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Warrior Leveling Mists of Pandaria

This last week has been nuts but I finally hit 90, play time was limited but leveling my warrior was fun. The change to specs and the ability to change on the fly was very nice. PVP with shockwave, pvp with dragon, pvp with bladestorm, overall the experience was rewarding. I of course used Zygor, made it a piece of cake. I leveling in Mists of Pandaria without it on my warlock and it sucked. I recommend using it vs not.

As for what spec to best level in for warriors I found arms the most rewarding and the quickest. I know a lot of people love fury and while i liked the feel it's just not the same. The great news is arms warriors aren't far behind warriors on dps meters even at end game raiding, so really warriors are in a great place, level with whatever spec is most fun for you.

Prot while slow is definitely viable, you don't take much damage and you don't deal much damage but over time you widdle down enemies so no big deal, it'll just be slower.

PVP all specs are viable as well, though arms is great for burst, fury falls a little behind, prot makes you a god that requires 4+ people to kill.

ON the pvp note, seriously wtf is going on with horde. AV is a complete joke, certain maps it's like WTF is going on. I'll touch more on this later this week.

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