Friday, June 7, 2013

League of Legends User Breakdown

While out there searching for user information on league of legends I stumbled upon this little graphic

I've been playing League of Legends now for roughly 2 years and in all that time I've only played 27 ranked games. Tons of non ranked (which is why i'm still bronze) but i though this graphic very interesting roughly 3/4 of all players who have played a ranked game are in what is commonly referred to as ELO HELL.

This is where noobs live, current company included. Now i'm not a noob...per say, i'm also not in Diamond, and statistically speaking if you're reading this and you play LOL then there's a pretty damn good chance you're in one of the bronze divisions as well.

What does this mean? Does it mean you suck? No, but here's the trouble I ran into and the following theory is based on an even grander theory.

let me walk you through the above theory.
Take a normal person add anonymity the provide that now normal anonymous person with an audience and VOILA!!! You have a fukwad. A troll. A bastard, A noob.

Now, take that same concept and apply it to league of legends and you end up with an ADC Karth or Teemo jungle.

As it turns out these troll ass bastards hoover around the "bronze" area because quite frankly there's no where else for them to go except play no ranked games. The problem with that is they'd lose out on the attention they get in ranked games. Seeing as how their mommy is already neglecting them and the only source of attention they get comes from people wishing death upon them in ranked games for dicking around and you can almost guarantee you'll get one of these morons often enough.

The good news is math is on your side believe it or not. Watch this.
Now in a 5v5 have a minimum 10 players.
If 1 in every 10 players is a troll that means there is 1 troll in  every game.
That means each players has a 10% chance of being the troll.

We can assume you're not the troll. Which means there are only 9 possibilities of there being a troll in the game. Which means each of the remaining 9 players has an 11.1 percent chance of being the troll

As you have 4 people on your team 4x11.1=45.6% chance that the troll is on your team
The other side has 5 possible trolls meaning 5x11.1 = 55.5% chance.

So there's your silver lining. Furthermore if you're reading this then you've stumbled on a place where you can learn NOT to be a troll. :)

Check back for more LOL posts, things will start picking up again.


albina N muro said...

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johnny portman said...

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