Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Truth About Unlimited Internet - Century Link Horror Story

I planned on writing MANY posts since my prior post. I had things to say, stories to tell, quips to quip. I live in a decent enough house, I work hard, I pay my bills. I also have "Unlimited" internet and my service provider is Century Link.

Now let me ask you when the word "unlimited" is used what comes to mind? Endless? Infinite? Never ending? Something without limits? I know that's what I think when I think of the word "unlimited".

Now when you couple the word "unlimited" with "internet" you basically take all the above mentioned thoughts then apply them to's not rocket science.

And yet somewhere in the convoluted equation of "unlimited" + "internet" Century link managed to come up with the answer of 250GB. ...I'm no rocket scientist nor do I claim to hold any type of advanced degree but as far as I can rememver ANYTHING + "unlimited" = UNLIMITED...

How they arrived at 250GB is beyond me...

I understand I was pushing 700GB for one month; however my internet consumption is not on trial here.

What killed me was my family was told that we needed to open up a "business" account. Unless they consider kicking ass and taking names a "business" we were strictly having fun with our internetz.

In a nutshell here are how the events unfolded.

Day 1: Informed we were using a "shyt ton" of internet (it's a technical term) and we now had 30 days to either open a business account or they would cancel our internet. Not quite the "unlimited" I was promised but whatever
Day 7: Internet gets shut off. ??? I guess I should have seen this coming. I mean they got INFINITY+INTERNET=250GB. 30 days = 7 days should not have shocked me.
Day 8: After 2 hours and 2 different countries worth of "tech support" I'm told the events from day 7 were never supposed to have happened and I'm assured my internet will be on first thing tomorrow morning.
Day 9 am: Internet still off.
Day 9 pm: Repeat Day 8. Same promise
Day 10 am: Internet still off
Day 10 pm: Repeat Day 8 only now i'm being an ass on the phone.
Day No internet.
Day 11 pm: What's funny is that after spending yet another 2 hours bouncing around the globe I'm told that the EARLIEST my internet would be back on would be a week from Day 11. ??? WTF happened to "tomorrow morning"?

Needless to say I told century link to go F themselves.

Long story short I'm with Cox and more importantly I'm back online. 


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Jim said...

yeah right, unlimited is now only the word for advetising